Blueberries: The Sugar-regulating Superfood

Blueberries: The Sugar-regulating Superfood
Apart from being a yummy bite, blueberries offer lots of perks for our health! It’s no secret that the way we eat has a direct and strong impact on our bodies. After all, food is our fuel, and in some cases, it could even become our natural medicine. 
So, for anyone looking for an organic alternative to heal their body and significantly improve their quality of life while having a sweet, delicious snack, blueberries are a super ally. And, if you want to incorporate better eating habits, boost your health, and enjoy the multiple benefits blueberries have to offer, keep reading!


Health Benefits of Blueberries

There’s more to blueberries than their delicious taste. You may be surprised to learn that blueberries are among the most complete and beneficial superfoods, thanks to their high content of micronutrients, including: 
  • Vitamins C & E
  • Various minerals
  • Lots of fibre
  • Phenolic acids
But, what does it mean? And most importantly, how does this impact our health every day?
Throughout the years, specialists have been studying and unfolding the uncountable benefits packed in these berries! In fact, these tiny yet powerful berries play a crucial role in strengthening our bodies and even preventing various illnesses.
And since there are so many pros to these tiny but jam-packed with nutrient berries, we decided to highlight the most relevant ones.
So, here are some of the biggest perks of including blueberries in your diet more often: This was just a sneak peek into the countless reasons why blueberries should be a must in your diet from now on. Luckily, there is much more to discover yet! But now it’s time to dig a little deeper and finally understand each of the medicinal qualities they have to offer!


Blueberries are often referred to as a diabetes superfood, and for many good reasons…

Compared to other fruits, blueberries are among the most effective in preventing diabetes. In fact, a recent study evaluated 52 US veterans with type 2 diabetes for eight weeks to prove the benefits of this fruit in their condition.
The results were unquestionable: 22 grams of freeze-dried blueberries were more than enough to reduce type 2 diabetes risks, improve their cardio and metabolic health, and significantly change their quality of life.
But how does it work? There’s no magic but pure science!
The perfect balance of its components, such as anthocyanins, phenolic acids, flavonols, and ascorbate, improves the patients' symptoms by:
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing blood cholesterol
  • Decreasing blood glucose levels
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity.
And the best part is, this isn’t the only medical condition blueberries can help us with!
Let's look at three other reasons why you should give this fruit more credit:


1. Blueberries prevent DNA damage
Remember how we highlighted blueberries’ antioxidant capacity? This is why it matters! 
High glucose levels are the main cause of DNA damage by reactive oxidation. However, their rich source of anthocyanins, the pigment responsible for their deep blue and purple colour, (especially cyanidin-3-glucoside) drastically decreases and controls glucose.
Consequently, this protects our pancreatic β-cells, which are responsible for processing insulin and play a key role in preventing DNA damage.


2. There is strong evidence that blueberries can prevent cancer
This is possible thanks to their high levels of phytochemicals which have a strong role in processes called autophagy related to cellular regeneration. These plant compounds work as modulators, suppressing the growth of cancer and human carcinoma cells, even in patients already undergoing oncological treatments.


3. BONUS: Practicality
Did you know blueberries can be preserved for long periods without losing their nutritional value? Whether you like them frozen or fresh, as long as you keep them under good temperature conditions without exposing them to too much oxygen, you can always enjoy their health benefits for months!



Undoubtedly, blueberries are an easy way to live a healthy life! Blueberries are a great way to start incorporating those vitamins and minerals our bodies need to take our physical and mental health to the next level. So, why don’t you give them a try?
For breakfast, as a snack, in a smoothie, or a cake... Give this fruit a chance, sweeten your days, and enjoy its countless benefits.