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  • Prevent Hunger Attacks
  • Loaded with important nutrients and fibers
  • All natural without any additives
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60 Shakes Box - Assorted Flavors


What's inside a Box of FiveReasons?

What is FiveReasons?


Natural Ingredients

Forget about ingredients & additives you can’t pronounce. Our shakes contain equivalent to 200g - 250g of fresh produce and nothing else.

Tested in the Lab

Our best fruit smoothie recipes undergo rigorous purity and nutrition testing before reaching the market. It’s all part of  guarantee!

Say goodbye to food waste

Our shakes can be stored and consumed for up to 12 months. Reap the benefit of a longer lifespan than fresh produce, with the same nutritional value.

Select your favorite flavors :

Free shipping and a complimentary bottle for every order above 100 EUR

How to use the FiveReason Mixtures

You can use our product any way you like. Some customers enjoy it with milk or cereals. Some also developed their own recipes such as Apple Juice, FiveReasons Smoothie Mixture, a Banana and Ice cubes. In that case you would need to use a mixer for the best taste and texture. 

If you want to make your smoothies without a mixer checkout our short manual on the right. 

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Feedback from 
genuine individuals.


Perfect choice for the gym

“ I started drinking the FiveReasons Shakes daily a few weeks ago and I noticed that my sleep and skin improved. I feel less hungry during the day and I am happy that I can bring them to work.”


Basel, Switzerland


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Shakes all natural?

Our product is 100% Natural. The only ingredients we use are fruits and vegetables. We freeze dry them in a special way to maintain the majority of all nutrients and fibers. Our Shakes do not have any additional sugar or preservatives

How long does it take to ship?

We offer two ways to ship your product. All orders over 100 Euros include free Standard shipping. Depending on your location it will take about 4-6 Business Days till your Box arrives. If you order for more than 150 Euros we will shop your Box with Fedex Priotrity and it will arrive within 1 day. 

How long does it take to see health benefits?

You should feel fuller right away. The Shakes are loaded with natural fibers which help with digestion and can prevent hunger attacks.  Other health benefits might take a while. 

Keep in mind that your health depends on good daily habits. Consuming more fruits and vegetables with our shakes is part of a healthy diet

How do I prepare the shakes?

You can use our mixtures in any way you like best. We recommend to mix each pack with 150-250 ml of water but you can also use apple juice or milk. 

What is your return policy if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

We offer a 14-day return policy for unopened and unused products purchased directly from our website. Please contact our friendly customer support at if you have any questions about your purchase. 
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